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  1. I, Raj Dadhich son of Sh. Ram Narayan Dadhich and Secretary of the Raghukul Teacher's Training College, Bundi aged about 30 years, resident of 785, Dadabari, Kota, I am the authorized signatory of the application made to the regional committee of the National Council for Teacher Education at Jaipur seeking grant of recognition/permission for conduction a course in Teacher Education titled B.Ed.with intake of 100 students

  2. That the Chambal Education Society, Kota, is in possession of land as per the following description :-
    2.1 Total area (in squr. Mtr.) 1700 squr. mtr.
    2.2 Built up area (in squr. Mtr.) 1550 squr. mtr.
    2.3 Address : Raghukul Teacher's Training College
    "Raghukul" Bahadur Singh Marg, Bundi (Raj.)
    Plot No. : 12
    Bounded by
       North : Other Building
       South Main road
       East : Other Building
       West : Other land
    Khasra No. : 341/197, 343/200
    Village/Town/City : Raghuveer Pura
    District : Bundi
    State : Rajasthan
    Area in Square Meters : 12400 squr. mtr.
    Bounded by
       North : Main Road
       South Other Land
       East : Other Land
       West : Other Land
    Registered in the office of : Registrar office Bundi on 22 May 2007

  3. That the land is on ownership basis for a period of 30 years (in figures and words)

  4. That the land is free from all encumbrances.

  5. That the land is excessively meant for running the education institution and the permission of the competent authority of this effect has been obtained vide letter No. 2007002224 dated 22.05.07 of the communication.

  6. That the said premises shall not be used for running any educational activity/institution, other that the teacher education programme for which recognition is being sought.

  7. That the copy of the affidavit shall be displayed on the website of the institution for general public.

  8. I do hereby swear that my declaration under para’s (1) to (6) are true and correct and that it conceals nothing and that no part of this is false. In case the contents of affidavit are found to be incorrect or false. I shall be liable for action under the relevant provision of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant laws.

Name of the applicant : Raj Dadhich
Address : 785, Dadabari, Kota
Tel : 0744-3209514, 9414187305
E-mail address : contact@rttcollege.com
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